Physics 1 — Calendar Update

Due to exceptional student understanding of materials presented in chapters 20 and 21, I have decided to bump up the test date for those chapters to Thursday, March 20th.

Summarily, there will be a review game tomorrow and I will post the game file along with solutions to all the questions by tomorrow afternoon. Extra credit will be granted by performance in this game.

Review Game


YouTube Explanations

AP — Weekend HW

Here are the three problems for homework. The solution will be posted Sunday evening.

  1. What are the sound intensity levels of two sounds. One of 1×10-12 W/m2 and one 5×10^-6 W/m^2?
  2. (a) What is the difference in the intensity levels if the intensity of a sound is doubled? (b) By what factor does the intensity increase for intensity level differences of 10 dB and 20 dB?
  3. Sitting at a sidewalk restaurant table, a friend talks to you at a normal 60 dB. The sound of the street reaching your ears is another 60 dB. What is the total sound intensity that reaches your ears?

Solution Video