White Tower

White Tower by SnowSkadi

She had to get out. Now. It was all too much to bear. This was the world she was denied. This, brilliant, clean buildings. Perfect uniforms. Smiling faces. A sense of belonging. Rich white kids as far as the eye could see. Run. Now. Oh god, why are they making me do this? This isn’t where we go, this is where they go. The rich kids. This isn’t my world, they’re just taunting me with a glimpse at theirs.

Fuck their world.

Inspired by a podcast by This American Life

Scent of the Rising Steel

Scent of the Rising Steel, by Mai Anh Tran

“You’re in, kid” said Bruce, slapping the young partner on his shoulder, nearly knocking him off his feet.

Dale knew he was out of place. With his pristine high tops, baggy jeans, Knicks jersey and knit hat his cut was decidedly of the street and not the boardroom. These rich people just don’t get it, the thought ground in his head, stirring up his hatred for them. I’m just another part of their ‘help’…

When Henri crossed into the room, he looked as if he had run a mile in the desert. This fat fuck couldn’t run for a donut let alone from the cops thought Dale. “Ah! Here is our budding entrepreneur! Are you enjoying the view?” asked Henri. Dale glanced back over his shoulder at the rising steel spikes, and then turned to say “That would be one nasty-ass fall.”

Dr. Farquharson and Mr. Coatsworth

Waterfall by thomaswievegg

Dr. Farquharson pointed to the spacecraft and said “See that alcove? We will cut into the hull there.” Fiddling with his jetpack he stepped towards the edge of the waterfall and noticed his assistant Leonard Coatsworth hadn’t moved. Through the visor Dr. Farquharson could see Leonards eyes wide and face ashen. “Mr.Coatsworth, are you ready?” he quipped into the radio. “Mr. Coatsworth?Mr. Coatsworth! Hey, Leonard!” he shouted, startling Leonard back into focusing his gaze. “I don’t know Dr. Farquharson. The CIS declared this site to be Off Limits. If we were to be caught inside…” his voice trailed off and his dropped to his cell, checking the radar station again. “In 6 hours this site will be under complete control of the Magistrate, and in 24 hours the Confederate Internal Service. This ship sure has unbelievably precious artifacts which belong to everyone, and they belong in a museum…


Sky City by Docslav

How long has it been since we last entertained a Terran delegate, wondered Rufus. The armistice had been a fixture of Venusian life for a generation. Hardly any living Citizen had ever seen a Royal Airship in flight. Maybe this marks the end of history, he hoped.

What would a relationship in an ant colony look like?

What would relationships in ant colonies look like? In many ant colonies there are physical castes, in that workers of different castes are literally different sizes. They have only a few females who are able to reproduce, and even fewer males whose sole purpose is to help those females reproduce. What would love look like in that case? Would there be worker relationships? How would you deal with being in love with someone of the same caste, or different caste?


There’s a story here, I just know it.